*You must book your reservation by December 31, 2012 and take your vacation before June 15, 2013. The complimentary 4-day/3-night stay is valid for accommodations that sleep up to six (6) people. Additional nights are available at discounted rates – Holidays are excluded (Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, and Easter weeks). A $200 refundable deposit on a major credit card is required to secure your reservation and any incidentals. You may cancel your complimentary stay up to 72 hours prior to your stay to obtain a refund of your deposit. Transportation, food, and any other travel expenses are not included and remain the sole responsibility of the participant. Reservations are subject to availability. Your account must be in good standing prior to your use of the complimentary 4-day/3-night stay.

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How To Get Ready for Ski Season

It’s starting to get chilly and the snow is starting to fall in our all-time favorite ski destination, Steamboat Springs, Colorado.


We’re here to give you the 411 on how to get ready for a thrilling vacation of a lifetime so that you’ll be able to hit the slopes in style! Whether you’re a beginner or an expert there are many different ways to prepare that you can eliminate the stress before heading to the mountains.


By following these tips you can guarantee that your trip will be a safer and more enjoyable experience:


  • Rent your ski equipment – most shops allow you to rent as opposed to buying your equipment, this allows you to save money and test out the products to ensure that everything works perfectly for you.
  • Clothing – ski clothes are a necessity when vacationing (a sweater and normal coat will not suffice)! Make sure to bring a good-quality breathable ski suit (which can be found in most sporting stores), shatterproof sunglasses, quality sun cream and lip balm and waterproof boots.
  • Plan your ski lessons – while most people don’t go skiing on a regular basis it’s good to sign yourself up for some ski lessons. Many different ski schools offer group classes, which are fun and affordable! By taking a couple classes it will refresh your ski skills and offer you a fun way to make new friends on the slopes!
  • Find a ski lift – many ski lifts offer weeklong passes which will give you the opportunity to save some money. Look up different ski lifts around the area or call the Steamboat Springs concierge for advice on this matter.
  • Plan ahead –make sure to have everything organized and planned out on your first day heading to slopes so that you know exactly where and what to do to get everything out of the way. The sooner you get your gear, the sooner you to hit the slopes!


Skiing offers something that the whole family can enjoy and Steamboat Springs is here to offer you that family vacation of a lifetime! For more information on booking your Steamboat Springs ski trip, call us today!